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The TV and video market is highly dynamic. Thanks to the technology and network advances, there are a lot of new video content players. Some of them are using traditional electronic waves, but a lot of the new ones are using IP networks to spread their content. In fact, as Deloitte argue, all-IP becomes the standard for TV and video distribution. Fiber infrastructure and 5G networks will handle the massive increase in digital traffic caused by an increasingly flexible and mobile use of media offerings.

The market is characterized by emerging new offerings, disruptive digital players. That is also changing consumer requirements and making more intensive demand industry. The players must take strategic steps towards customer experience satisfaction if they want to be relevant actors and leading the future market landscape. What they decide today will have major effects on their future consumer relationships, the market structure, and technological standards.

In this digitalization trend, content production, distribution, and recommendation functionalities are impacted, and the players will strongly drive the digitalization level of video production processes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics become key elements of smart content discovery with intelligent recommendation functionalities.

The quality is key

In the context of video and audio programming, Quality of Experience (QoE) is assuring that operators deliver video contents (pictures and sound) that will keep their viewers happy. For many years, operators have focused on monitoring the Quality of Service (QoS) of their video networks. But video and audio quality issues remain among the top viewer experience complaints from subscribers.

A successful company or service will always put the customer first, but it also important to go beyond just a momentary viewerexperience. Companies must work on long-term product strategies (i.e., loyalty strategies, employing new technology and business models) rather than simply working on current products and trying to get the most out of existing revenue models. This will give them the ability to better personalize their offerings, deliver real differentiated value, and ultimately gain new users and retain existing customers.

The second important item to focus on is data. User data is something that can’t be underestimated. Companies that utilize this amount of information wisely can provide a better user experience and boost for their business. At the end, this strategy will help them gaining a tremendous competitive advantage in the market. And be the leaders.

How to monitor QoE

According to PWC study, in competitive and cluttered video market, being favored can mean greater loyalty and increased usage.

As such, in addition to carrying a wide variety of desirable content, video services must also give their viewers a positive viewing experience that’s easy and reliable. In fact, price is not the only or most important driver in order to choose a platform, but being user friendly and assuring the best viewer QoE. Consumers favor services that are friction-free (with an exhaustive content library and quality of experience at all times and channels) even more so than services that offer discounts on monthly cost or free trials.

So, how can broadcasters, content producers, OTTs, content platforms and TV producers improve this user experience and be more relevant players in the future landscape?

For sure, monitoring the quality of service. That’s why MOS is relevant this business.

MOS is a key indicator of the quality of video sessions, especially in media industry. As a metric, it is defined as a number, referring to the human-judged overall quality of an event or experience and it is an excellent way to be sure we are satisfying viewerexpectation.

Video-MOS has developed an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to perform monitor quality solutions and services for audiovisual content, fully tailored to each customer, primarily aiming broadcasters, content producers, OTTs, content platforms and TV producers.

You can contact us to get more information about how it works and how it could help your company to be the leader in this competitive market.

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