What are we & what do we do?

Video-MOS is an European company, which uses its advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to perform control quality solutions and services for audiovisual content, fully tailored to each customer, primarily aiming broadcasters, content producers, OTTs, content platforms and TV producers. We envision to lead the market by offering the highest MOS monitoring standard, at a disruptive pricing and service model.
Video-MOS our mission

Our mission is to offer professional quality monitoring solutions for audiovisual content, which are: innovative, reliable, proven, friendly use, scalable, no need of hardware, license based, and which can be tailored to meet the requirements of any Large or Small Video company.

We are driven by a constant desire for innovation and the conviction that the future of the Media and contents industry is moving inexorably towards a model where content is the most valuable element. We want Video-MOS to be the technological catalyst, which supports all set of media companies to maximize the value of their audiovisual content rights and values.

Subsidized by the CDTI (Subvencionado por el CDTI)

Awarded Funding by CDTI and ENISA
NextGenerationEU, Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia


Our Values

Everything that we do is done with passion and enthusiasm. We owe our successes to our customers and employees and, in particular, to the relationships and trust built up between them. Subsequently, all our work is driven by these values, which make up the DNA of Video-MOS: Innovation, Integrity and Responsibility.


We see innovation not only as a company strategy but also as our mission, so that our customers always have available the most advanced solutions to offer their users a unique experience.



Our way of working is based on the principles of integrity and honesty, fulfilling any commitments we make to our customers, technology partners and employees.



We are responsible to our customers. Customer satisfaction and that of their viewers is our obsession. We are responsible to our employees. We encourage a work/life balance and we take great care of their professional development. We act responsibly in terms of the environment. We are against the abuse or misuse of the scarce resources of our planet and we strive to develop technologies and solutions, which reduce energy consumption and minimise CO2 emissions.

How do we work?

At Project level

  • Video-MOS conducts a detailed analysis of our clients needs and objectives.
  • Video-MOS keeps its designing within the state of the art driven by a multidisciplinary specialists team from the entertainment and media industry.
  • We always turn to the latest technologies leading the entertainment and contents market.

At Company level

  • We believe the team power and individual contributions jointly managed, are crucial, and therefore we carefully care of all kind of permanent training in our daily Video-MOS activity.
  • We intentionally search continuous improvement in our process, techniques and tools, by continuously challenging our R&D team to investigate the new at all times.
  • We feel specially proud of creating our own home made tools to manage and customize each of our client requirements.

The Team

Our leadership team is made up of video technology industry experts with many years of collective experience. Their passion and commitment to the success of our clients is evident in our culture and solutions. We consider ourselves as a well mixed headcount of Industry profiles from University, Entrepreneurs, Legal, and Technology Multinational Firms.

Video-MOS Important milestones




Concept abstraction and team building


Video Industry pain point solving, and laboratory brainstorming


Product definition, laboratory testing, and end to end architecture design


Readiness for industrialization, stress and friendly users testing, patents application, company incorporation, Firm Incorporation


Founders First round capital, MVP successfully tested at friendly users


Founders Second round capital, TRL9 accomplished
CDTI - enisa - NexGenerationEU - Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia


Founders Third round capital, Preparation to Commercial Launching

How can we help you?

“We are what we do, day by day.
So, quality is not an act but a habit”



Video-MOS has received last year 2023 on its growth path a positive new that we want to share with our customers and followers. Video-MOS has been certified as a start-up company, in accordance with Law 28/2022 of 21 December, on the promotion of the ecosystem......