Video-MOS will attend the Four Years From Now – Mobile World Congress 2021 to show its Contents Monitoring Software as a Service tool

Video-MOS will join RTVE Technical staff during the next Four Years From Now – Mobile World Congress 2021 to show and demonstrate the potential and benefits of using its state of the art solution. The Video-MOS solution is a SaaS automated tool (probe) that can be deployed on any video content (streaming of file) to monitor on real time, 7x24h, the Quality of Experience of the video contents viewer. It´s hardware agnostic, based on an Artificial Intelligent development conducted by the company during the last years.

This agreement is a result of Impulsa RTVE – an initiative of the Corporation Radiotelevisión Española that hosts initiatives to support Innovation and Entrepreneurship – whose main objective is to contribute to the development and competitiveness of the audio-visual sector in general, and that of RTVE in particular.

About Video-MOS

Video-MOS is the leading company in the measurement of MOS for monitoring the user experience of audio-visual content (Quality of Experience of the viewer).

Its model based on software probes deployable on any content (either streaming or on a file) provides the broadcaster, TV Station, content producer and/or aggregator, video platform, advertiser, etc., a real time interface to monitor your content.

It is a complementary solution to the usual solutions, mostly based on hardware, for the simple measurement of signal quality (Quality of Service). In this way, it allows monitoring in real time 7x24h, the totality of the video channels of the content operators automatically, ensuring the knowledge of the circumstances in which even with a correct signal quality, the viewer experiences a poor Quality of Experience (egpixelated, bluringetc).

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