Video-MOS joins UHD Spain Association

The association “UHD Spain”, created to promote in Spain 4K, 8K and the new technologies related to Ultra High Definition (UHD), has held its founding ceremony at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) with 30 entities and companies from the Spanish and international audiovisual sector of the highest level early 2021, which now places Spain on the same level of organization as Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain already have in the UHD.

The aim of “UHD Spain”, which is an initiative of the Andalusian producer Medina Media, which has been organising the 4K HDR Summit since 2015, is to promote in Spain 4K, 8K, HDR, New Audio Generation and new audiovisual technologies so that consumers can receive content with the highest possible quality.

Unlike the rest of the other European associations, “UHD Spain” will have the peculiarity of being the only one to have the support of the three most important organisations in the world: the UHD Alliance, the Ultra HD Forum and the 8K Association, to which it will soon become a member in order to have access to all its activities and developments.

Video-MOS has joined UHD Spain last May, to contribute at the working groups, and as a full partner to the goals and objectives of the founders by providing expertise based on Video-MOS solution: a SaaS automated tool (probe) that can be deployed on any video content (streaming of file) to monitor on real time, 7x24h, to monitor the Quality of Experience of the video contents viewer. It´s hardware agnostic, based on an Artificial Intelligent development conducted by the company during the last years.

About Video-MOS

Video-MOS is the leading company in the measurement of MOS for monitoring the user experience of audio-visual content (Quality of Experience of the viewer).

Its model based on software probes deployable on any content (either streaming or on a file) provides the broadcaster, TV Station, content producer and/or aggregator, video platform, advertiser, etc., a real time interface to monitor your content.

It is a complementary solution to the usual solutions, mostly based on hardware, for the simple measurement of signal quality (Quality of Service). In this way, it allows monitoring in real time 7x24h, the totality of the video channels of the content operators automatically, ensuring the knowledge of the circumstances in which even with a correct signal quality, the viewer experiences a poor Quality of Experience (egpixelated, bluringetc).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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