Visit SAPEC booth and see our Automated Content Monitoring demo at NAB 2024 Las Vegas


Visit SAPEC booth and see our Automated Content Monitoring demo at NAB 2024 Las Vegas

Video-MOS is demonstrating its state of the art Artificial Intelligence solution to automate content monitoring together with SAPEC at NAB 2024.

In addition to SAPEC offering real-time demonstrations of the capabilities of Laguna, Sivac-One, and Gredos II, Sapec will test the solutions of its partner Video-MOS.

SAPEC stated “Video-Mos is a compelling developer focused on creating solutions and services for quality control of audiovisual content using the MOS parameter and with the help of AI. The company specializes in adapting its systems according to the requirements of each client, so that it is able to designate multiple parameters for all kinds of live and archived content”.

About Video-MOS

Videomos ai

Video-MOS is the leading company in MOS monitoring for tracking the viewer experience of audiovisual content (Quality of Viewer Experience QoE).

Its model based on Artificial Intelligence software probes, deployable on any content (whether broadcasting, streaming or VoD file), provides the broadcaster, TV Station, content producer and/or aggregator, video platform, advertiser, etc. , with a real-time interface to monitor their content.

We deliver semantic analysis of the video content as to leverage the content nature and environment of production and distribution, to enrich automated content quality monitoring while decreasing other provider´s solution false positives. We do “understand” the video semantics, not simply report the video signal MOS.

It is a powerful complementary solution to the usual, mainly hardware-based solutions for simple measurement of signal quality (Quality of Service QoS). In this way, it allows to monitor in real time 7x24h, the totality of the video channels of the content operators automatically, guaranteeing the knowledge of the circumstances in which even with a correct signal quality (QoS), the viewer experiences a bad Quality of Experience (e. g. pixelation, blurring, etc.). It´s accompanied of alarms and reports features helping a never seen before forensic feature to the technicians staff.

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